Walk-in memories

Posted: December 27, 2020 by mm

Finally we got the last vaccine and because we never waste time especially now that we are boost against all diseases, we immediately go to try our first walk in the park. We got lucky to have a beautiful sunny day, even if with only 2 degrees … but we don’t feel discouraged, because among all the coats and sweaters we received for Christmas a special shearling. Too bad that the dog was warm and the owner almost with icicles on her ears!

Needless to say, 1 hour out in the park, did not achieve the desired results, but we do not get discouraged 🙂 The only fear came for a moment when a huge Great Dane came up, smelled ….. (I said to myself: … say hello to Ciccio forever) … instead …. save! Ciccio’s aplomb, still, motionless, with the sight saying “now I’ll show you” … ended the walk with the grand finale.

They are quite right, that when one has a dog, it is easy to have a chat with the other owners. A bit like when the babies were brought on the first day between the peers and the mothers were comparing to each other the first weaning or what color and shape the poop was.

We haven’t come to that yet, but the walks don’t end there ….

Autumn-Winter 2020 Ciccio’s collection