Posted: April 24, 2021 by mm

My second home is Tuscany, in my heart, in my veins, in my culture. It is true that the place where one grows remains engraved in the DNA in any sensory aspect. As children we are all like sponges, perhaps because we are less addicted to commitments, prejudices and responsibilities and therefore the scents, tastes and landscapes remain stored back in our heads for years and as soon they are rediscovered, zac! They come back out crazy … (continues below)

This time, by choice, I dedicated my time only to special people, who made me relive through the simplest things how beautiful life is, such as tasting the classic Florentine steak accompanied by a good red wine, buying fresh flowers on a Sunday morning or admire a sunset reflected on the Duomo of Siena in a completely deserted square at the sound of the bells that marks the heartbeats.(continues below)

And then the first hugs, kisses, caresses and glances that has been denied with loved ones for months, arrives and confirms, that the passion of living every day to the full, even though with thousand restrictions, makes life a unique work.

Yours, Moni

(pictures below)