Posted: May 23, 2021 by mm

Sometimes it is enough to believe in it and often the projection of the thought fulfils the expectation. Coincidence? Destiny? The fact is, that once again this year I have visited, tasted and experienced my Capri. Those of you who read my post a few months ago take me to Capri knows of what I’m talking about. This year the emotions were stronger than ever, perhaps because due to that unbridled desire to travel, to make up for the time closed at home or simply because accompanied by the right people, that as a tassel perfectly filled the light days of living. (continues below)

For years, Pompeii was on my wish list, and without even asking aloud, I landed there. A real capsule enclosed in a frenetic world that has had the opportunity to rise from its ashes and have a second rebirth, like the Phoenix, more proud and stronger than ever. Like us too, that when we pass dark moments, know how to rise again even more aware and courageous than before.

Pompeii lived without tourists with its afternoon sun filtered at times by the secular maritime pines and with its silence that at the same time brought back the noise of the tragedy, will remain scratched in the mind.(continues below)

The getaway could not fail not to be accompanied by good food passing from one place to another and above all from one glass of wine to another! We often let ourselves be guided by instinct and as they say, we always fell well. Paolino in Capri and his lemon greenhouse did not disappoint either this year. (continues below)

But the apex of these carefree days was the panoramic view from our room in Sorrento which, with its position, enclosed Capri and its Faraglioni in a frame. The sea breeze that with its waves scratched the Sorrento coast led us for a moment “to overcome the gravitational currents” just as the great Battiato, who died just on my birthday, sang in his most famous song.

A birthday that has turned the mark of 45 and that has established the foundations for a rebirth on many aspects. But perhaps, as they say, if we are here to live, let’s live it fully.

Yours, Moni

This post is to thank all those who have been close to me with their thoughts, hearts (and in person) on this day.