Who takes your pictures?

I take all of the photos on the blog, unless I’m in them. In those cases it’s a friend, because I don’t have a photographer following me around.

What camera do you use?

Always my iPhone, lately iPhone 11 pro max.

Do you make money from your blog?

I am not a professional influencer, thus the IG page and the blog is mostly a lifestyle diary of my life. I consider myself very fortunate, as my primary profession is real estate and marketing services. Nevertheless, collaborations and partnerships are becoming quite insistent and once in a while I consider them, but only if I really believe in the product. If I feature a sponsored post, I would tag the partner in the post.

How do you keep in shape when you eat all this food?

This didn’t always come easy to me. I was much heavier years ago. Now I am applying no food after 7 pm, lots of water, no alcohol except for special occasions and lots of movement of any type. I don’t have a special sport that I practice. However, I keep just a small portion of most of the food I cook for my family and the rest is always distributed to friends, especially while it’s not possible to host friends during Covid time.

How started the passion for table setting?

It started many years ago trough my best Italian friend Nicoletta (living in Prague), who is a pro-antique market hunter and a woman of great taste. She taught me the art of setting tables based on seasonal moods, market findings and lots and lots of fantasy. The mix match techniques without the need of excessive spending is one of my favourites. I am used to helping friends and clients to décor their tables for any type of occasion.

What is home staging?

It’s a refresh for your home. Many times it happens that, once you live in your home, it is very usual NOT-TO-SEE what your eyes are used to, so you tend to keep unnecessary or nonsense furniture, decorations and colours. With another person‘s perspective and taste, you can revert the interiors without high financial impacts and efforts. This is what I am used to do for my clients too.

Where do you live?

Most of the time in Prague in Czech Republic, but once a month I move back to Italy, where my closest live. In summer I usually move to Puglia, the southern part of Italy, where I spend part of my summer and rent vacation villas to friends.

What is your life target?

None. I never feel arrived, I am always in evolution.

What is your favorite color?

Obviously white. For many people it is black that they then combine with colors, for me it is the exact opposite! White is basic either in the wardrobe or at home. You can combine this color with any shade and it inspires purity, positivity and elegance. It happen that i dress in light colors in winter, I don’t change colors according to the seasons, but just materials in order to keep my style. Many people in September starts wearing brown, black, orange, dark green, dark purple … I try to avoid to be a forest for six months a year 🙂

I want to get in touch!

If you have something personal to ask me, please feel free to do so in the comments. Sadly, I can’t respond to all emails or DMs of a personal nature or I’d be doing that all day long! If you’re a brand or business and would like to work together, you can get in touch HERE. I don’t accept gifts.