Posted: December 23, 2020 by mm

So here we are, launching on air finally this blog and …. on Christmas!!!

Took time to take this decision, but overall the requests were too many that IG started to be too tight.

As said everything started with a desire to keep my life diary to share with friends and family emotions, places, flavors and rediscover together a lightness of being … After couple of years it turned to be a daily routine that took over part of my life.

We have to be honest one time forever. Without socials we wouldn’t be so much “known”, we wouldn’t fill up our vanity ego and if ever someone would close up all socials, our career of “alleged” influencers, would come to its end!😂

But life would be ok anyway, after all, those of my generation knows very well that we managed to live before without it (and also quite well).

For this, let’s not take ourselves too seriously, we know that perfection does not exist and that the years advance for everyone. So the only advice I can share is to add a little lightness to our life, whatever is beautiful, ugly or discreet.

In this blog, which I will update daily also with posts already published on IG, but enriched with narrative and many other pictures, I will take you into my world, or at least to what can be (and I want it to be) published. In some cases when they will not be so frequent it is just because like everyone else I will need a little privacy and sometimes even to unplug.

I will share with you (I hope) many joys and few sorrows, it will be a lifestyle blog with a colorful and out of the ordinary cuisine, travel tips, home decorating tips and of course for shopping.

Any collaboration with brands takes place only and exclusively if I believe and love the products presented, I leave to others an indifference so fashionable today.

So, happy reading, inspiration & fun, Moni