Posted: April 10, 2021 by mm

Spring: rebirth, cleanliness, good mood and… wardrobe detox! I can’t call it a seasonal change thus I have forever all the seasons together!

As usual, when nothing else enter in the closet, it’s time to do something. Since there 10 new pieces would like to enter in the wardrobe, just as many have to come out. But to find them and decide which ones, that’s a good question. (continue below)

So, logically, I dig into the darkest and most distant corners since this heartens and confirms me that they have not been worn for at least 5 years. And if I have not missed them so far, for sure I will be able to live without them as well.

My wardrobe is open by pure decision (also because I don’t have to hide any skeletons) but at one condition: needs to be always tidy. With the first day of spring I indulged myself with online shopping among kaftans, shirts, fancy clothes that if they don’t unlock us, they will be very useful during house cleaning…! (continue below)

I bought dividers, vintage crochet hangers, anti-moth capsules and let’s go! We start to empty and fill again with the hope of putting some outfits in the suitcase sooner or later.

This time I decided to divide the closet by colors too: comfort? Efficiency? Or purely madness? Don’t know, but in the meantime, it’s good for the mood. As they say:  clear desk, clear mind! (hope it applies also for closets!). Although Oscar Wilde had another opinion on this. (continue below)

At the end, I realized that 3 Ikea bags (luckly they exist) contain 5 unworn years that correspond to at least ¼ of the wardrobe, so it’s a fairly right that what no longer satisfies me, makes other women happy and originating are donated to charity.

Yours, Moni