Posted: December 26, 2020 by mm

It seems far away, but Christmas is already behind us, happy are those who can’t stand the holidays just because they are dictated, many panics as if it is necessary to plan to be happy. But Christmas is beautiful if felt, in a spiritual or cultural form. I would have it extended for few more days, in some way, perhaps it is the “softest” way to end this crazy year, a moment of calm, meditation and serenity away from everyday obligations.

Like every year since we are a mixed family, I divided the Czech traditions from the Italian ones. On the 24th for Christmas Eve I cooked some traditional Czech dishes and on the 25th the Italian ones.

The table this year was set only for two, I revised my famous vintage Nutcrackers even if at the end the real one, was Ciccio who was chasing nuts in the living room among the papers and torn ribbons of the gifts. With his sharp teeth he manage to broke one after another!

But my thoughts goes to those who have been alone, to those who have lost their jobs, to those who would have liked to savor that Christmas spirit of splendor and waste for at least few minutes. To those that Covid took away the little they had, or all.

The day will come when in inside a pocket of a jacket, in a bag or in the glove compartment of the car we will find, forgotten, an old crumpled mask. Looking at it we will rub it in our hands as if to make sure that we have really lived that long nightmare. As we close our hands, crumpling those distant memories, we will breathe deeply free to emphasize to ourselves how beautiful life is.

Greetings to everyone, Moni