Posted: March 25, 2021 by mm

Sometimes I wonder how right it is to cook plentifully, set the table pompously, dress up luxuriously.

There are plenty of you who writes and I am pleased to read that for many I can be a source of inspiration. But then the mind stops to think that for sure there is a large majority of you watching from a distance silently. People who hardly make it to the end of the month, devastated by diseases or psychologically destroyed by a very difficult year.

All of us who flaunt to show only the beautiful, are fragile and insecure like everyone else in the world. There is no absolute perfection and happiness. Nobody has it. We just don’t show it. Sharing positivity is because basically it’s us who are looking for it in the first place. Sometimes we reach it, sometimes we don’t.

For this, I am slowly breaking away from a society of parties, unbridled consumerism, hypocrisy. Because it is useless. If I can consider myself well-to-do is because I worked hard for it and I never gave up. But I have lived with so much and also with very little and with little I have always found my roots and true friends. And that’s what matters.

Through cooking and the decorations, within my possibilities, I try to transfer you low budget ideas and styles just for the pleasure of sharing the beauty (and the tasty) even with a little and kill together this interminable lockdown.

Everything is about finding the right balance, especially in these difficult times.

Because for everything it takes brain, but also a lot of positivity.

This article is dedicated to you.

Yours, Moni